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Food Storage

AMTV food storage is guaranteed for quality and taste!

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The world is a scary place. It seems people cannot go out in public without fear of being attacked, whether on the subway, in a mall, or walking down the street. These only address the risks posed by humans. There is the threat of a natural disaster at any time, thus individuals need to be prepared for any emergency situation. With the help of a long-term emergency survival kit, doing so becomes an easier proposition. What should consumers look for when purchasing this type of kit? 

Great Tasting Food    
Long Shelf Life    High-Quality Foods    Nutrition   Regulated and Certified

     FDA / USDA / GIG / OSHA / U.S. Dept of Agriculture

     QA – Analytical, Microbial, Oxygen Level, and sensory Testing of Products.

     Food Storage Items can only be shipped to the Continental United States

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1-Year 4-Person Deluxe Emergency Preparedness Food Supply Kit  (Over 20,000 Servings)
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Emergency Family Variety Kit - (400 Servings)
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1-Year 4-Person Emergency Evacuation Food Supply Kit (Over 11,000 Servings)
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Six Month Food Storage Kit - Over 2,800 Servings
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One Year Food Storage Kit - Over 5,800 Servings
$1,899.99  $1,299.99
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