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Portable power to backup home essentials in emergency situations. Will run multiple 110V and 220V tools and appliances simultaneously, up to 5000 continuous watts.

**Batteries and solar panels included!

Ideal for: Simultaneously running lights, electronics, and up to 3 home appliances such as a refrigerator, freezer, and microwave or portable cooktop burner.

With 5000 continuous watts and 20,000 peak watts of pure sine wave power, the HomeGrid™ 5000 is the ultimate hybrid of portable solar generators. It's high surge capacity and ability to power both 110V and 220V tools and appliances make the HomeGrid™ 5000 the most versatile solar generator on the market. Can be charged from the sun with solar panels or from any wall outlet. With the optional EMP bag, the HomeGrid™ solar generator can be safely stored and ready to go when you need it most. 

Backup power for: Electronics, lights, refrigerator, freezer, microwave, high surge kitchen appliances and power tools. 


  • Welded steel frame for superior durability
  • 10 inch Heavy Duty solid flat free wheels for worry-free portability
  • Durable exterior protective coating making it weather and rust resistant
  • Rugged rubber handles for sturdy mobility
  • Maximum Power Point charge controller for high efficiency charging
  • Optional EMP bag provides protection against damaging EMP current


Input Voltage: 24V DC 
Output Voltage: 110V and 220V AC (pure sine wave)
Continuous Power output: 5,000 Watts
Peak Power output: 20,000 watts
Solar Input:
     Volts: up to 100VDC
     Watts: up to 1400 watts
Charge controller:
     type: Untra-fast Maximum Power Point Tracking(MPPT)
     efficiency: Maximum efficiency exceeds 98%. Full output current up to 104°F.
     Over-temperature protection and power derating when temperature is high.
     PV short circuit and PV reverse polarity protection.
inverter power consumption: 
      Power save mode: 5 Watts
      On : 10 watts 
Number of 110V outlets: 4
Number of 220V outlets: 1
USB Ports: 2
Weight: 120 lbs (not including solar panels and batteries)
Dimensions: 43x20x16

What's Included:

(1) 5,000W continuous, 20,000W surge Pure Sine Wave generator
(2) 12V 75 Ah AGM Lead Acid Battery (1,800 watt hours)
(1) Folding, portable 200 watt solar panel, with stand and 25 feet of connecting wire
(1) Battery Charger/Maintainer

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