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60 Day Food Storage & Bug Out Bag Essentials  - Level I

60 Day Food Storage & Bug Out Bag Essentials - Level I

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60 Serving of Emergency Food + Emergency Kit + Water Bottle Filtration + Multipurpose Flashlight + Seed Pack

60 Servings of Emergency Food

What's included in this kit?

1 pouch of Cheesy Lasagna (4 total servings)
2 pouches of Creamy Pasta (8 total servings)
1 pouch of Pasta Alfredo (4 total servings)
1 pouch of Chili Mac (4 total servings)
1 pouch of Chicken Noodle Soup (4 total servings)
2 pouches of Savory Stroganoff (8 total servings)
1 pouch of Hearty Tortilla Soup (4 total servings)
1 pouch of Potato Pot Pie (4 total servings)
1 pouch of Teriyaki and Rice (4 total servings)
1 pouch of Baked Potato Casserole (4 total servings)
1 pouch of Tomato Basil Soup (4 total servings)
1 pouch of Southwest Beans and Rice (4 total servings)
1 pouch of Cheesy Macaroni (4 total servings)
Additional Product Details:

Includes 1 total bucket
Total calories: 13,400
Average calories per serving: 223
Food is safely sealed in Metallyte™ pouches
To avoid waste, each pouch conveniently contains 4 servings
Lock-in stacking buckets for compact and secure storage without the need of shelving
Grab-and-go handles for easy transport in an emergency
25 year shelf life
Total Weight: 8 lbs
Dimensions: 14" x 11" x 11"

Emergency Kit

1 Person Emergency Kit

All items are packed securely in our Multi-Pocket Hikers Backpack. Individual components are placed in waterproof bags and neatly organized in the backpack for easy access. Hand-assembled in the USA.

The kit includes the following: 

Food and Water: The food and water in this kit have a 5-year shelf life, and are meant to provide nutrition for 72 hours.

12 — 4 oz. Water Pouches
6 — 400-Calorie Food Bars (2400 Calories)
10 — Water Purification Tablets - each tablet purifies 1 liter of water 
1-Liter Hydration Bag with Straw
*This kit provides 1 gallon of water per person per day for drinking and sanitation, as recommended by FEMA.

Light and Communication: These items can come in handy if you experience a home power outage, car trouble, or other emergency.

AM/FM Radio (batteries included)
Hand Rechargeable Flashlight (never needs batteries)
Emergency Candle
Emergency Bright Stick
5-in-1 Survival Whistle
Box of Waterproof Matches

Shelter and Warmth: These supplies will protect you from wind, sun, rain, and other harsh conditions.

Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag
Body Warmer
Emergency Tube Tent with Rope
Emergency Poncho with Hood

Tools: These items can be useful when you need help with navigation, transport, personal protection, or shelter.

Multi-Function Pocket Knife
Pair of Leather-Palm Work Gloves
N95 Respirator Dust Mask (NIOSH-approved)
50 Feet of Nylon Rope
Safety Goggles
Sewing Kit

Hygiene and Sanitation: Hygiene is important in a disaster; staying clean can protect against infection, disease, and depression.

Deluxe Hygiene Kit
-Tooth Brush
-Tooth Paste
-Wet Wipes
-Disposable Razor
-Sanitary Napkins
-Shave Cream
-Deodorant Gel
-Hand/Body Lotion
-Pocket Tissues

First Aid: A first aid kit can be used to treat minor injuries and protect against more serious health threats in a disaster. 

Deluxe First Aid Kit - a combination of bandages/gauze, topical ointments, medicine, and other first aid items to assist with a variety of injuries

Other: These items are useful for relieving stress and supporting activity under challenging conditions. 

Golf Pencil
Infectious-Waste Bag
Survival Playing Cards - 52 cards illustrating valuable survival skills that will educate and entertain you in an emergency

Emergency Survival Kit Information:

This kit was designed using advice from experts in the field of emergency preparedness. It follows guidelines offered by government agencies and nonprofit preparedness organizations. This 1-person elite emergency kit has a retail value of $120.

Water Bottle Filtration

Each 28 oz (800 ML) bottle uses BPA-free low density polyethylene, FDA approved for food products. Bottles are reusable and light weight. Seychelle 28 oz Water Bottle with Filter The patented Ionic-Adsorption Micro-Filtration system reduces almost all contaminants in the following groups:
Aesthetic Contaminants: bad taste, odor, clarity, dirt, sediment and Chlorine.
Chemicals: Chlorine, toxic chemicals, detergents, pesticides and other harmful industrial and agricultural pollutants
Dissolved Solids: heavy metals such as aluminum, asbestos, copper, lead, mercury, chromium hexavalent and others.

The Advanced filter is made of the same media as the Standard Seychelle filter with the addition of EPA approved iodinated resin (EPA Reg #: 35917-2), which has been proven effective in the removal of bacteria and virus to six logs (99.9999%). Removes up to 90% of fluoride. It can be used in extreme conditions; turbid and stagnant water; and is ideal for emergencies such as hurricanes, cyclones, etc. such as events that occurred in the US with Katrina and the hurricane in Haiti. (Not to be used with salt water)

Flip Top 28 oz. Seychelle Water Bottle with Filter replaces up to 757 half-liter water bottles. Stay green, get great tasting water and save the Environment!

Multipurpose Flashlight

Flashlight Functions

Seatbelt Cutter
Hammer to Break Windshield
LED Flashlight
Flashing Red Alert Lights
Mobile Phone Charger
Flashlight Features

Multi-function tools for auto related emergency situations
Easy grip handle and crank for convenient use
Quick charge for your mobile phone
Ultra-bright LED light for power outages
Strong magnetic force to stick to metal for convenient/accessible storage
Caution Notice

Do not point LED light directly into you eyes.
Keep out of reach of children.
Crank evenly and steadily. Cranking too slow may prolong charging time. Cranking too fast may damage drive system.
Hold steady with two hands when cranking. Keep focused on your cranking hand to avoid injury to your fingers.
Only crank up to 3 minutes continuously when the light has some battery power. Crank no more than 10 minutes when light has no battery power and is completely drained.
Crank for at least 1 minute per month to prolong the battery life.
This product may not fully charge a mobile phone.
Only use the supplied USB cord to attach to the flashlight. Use you mobile phone providers USB charging cord to attach to the supplied USB cord.


Varieties Included: 
• Borage, Borago Officinalis – 229 Seeds 
• Calendula, Calendula Officinalis – 617 Seeds 
• Cayenne, Capsicum Annuum – 705 Seeds 
• Dandilion, Taraxacum Officinale – 7937 Seeds 
• Echinacea, Echinacea Purpurea – 1940 Seeds 
• Fenggreek, Trigonella Foenum Graecum – 317 Seeds 
• Hyssop, Hyssop Officinalis – 3351 Seeds 
• Lemon Balm, Melissa Officinale – 7231 Seeds 
• Lovage, Levisticum Officinale – 1764 Seeds 
• Yarrow, Achillea Millefolium – 3527 Seeds 

10 seed packets sealed in a Mini-Ropak Bucket. Plants a large herb garden. Will keep up to 4 years if stored at 66 to 70 degrees and much longer if kept colder. All non-hybrid, open pollinated varieties Harvested seeds can be planted year after year. Packets are re-sealable for lasting protection. Each of our Seed varieties comes with a Quick Start Growing Guide. 

Q. There are 9 growing zones in the country, will these seeds grow in my zone?
A. Growing zones are for perennials (ie plants that you only plant once and come back every year). Garden plants are all annuals and therefore zones don't apply. For annuals, you make zonal adjustments by when you plant, for example you would plant in Arizona before you would plant in Michigan.

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